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Mondo Gascaro ( Short Profile )

Born in Jakarta of Indonesian and Japanese descents, Mondo Gascaro began his musical exposure early in childhood. Aside from regularly attending the traditional Javanese shadow puppet plays, he used to sit listening to his grandmother playing “Bengawan Solo” on the piano, while his father who was also a singer, used to listen to the old crooners like Nat King Cole, Sinatra and Bing Crosby. His musical influences are varied, the Beatles, Antonio Carlos Jobim, old-Indonesian popular Classics of Ismail Marzuki, or Steely Dan are a regular diet.

Although he is known to compose music for notable Indonesian films such us Berbagi Suami aka Love for Share (2006), Quickie Express (2007), The Forbidden Door (2008), and Hello Goodbye (2012), to most people Mondo is recognized as the former member and one of the founder of the band SORE, from which he resigned in 2012 after releasing two critically acclaimed albums (Centralismo, 2005; Ports of Lima, 2008).

Other than composing music for films he also produced artists and bands under his music label (Ivy League Music) which he fronted with his wife. Their past releases include Payung Teduh – Dunia Batas (2012), Ayushita – Morning Sugar (2013) and Noh Salleh – Angin Kencang (2015).

At the end of 2014 he started his own solo project, by releasing two singles “Saturday Light” and “Komorebi” in digital and 7” vinyl format. The releases were met with good appreciation from music aficionados and critics alike. The vinyl is sold-out within a few weeks after released. When distributed in Japan, it was sold-out within 90 minutes! Now Mondo Gascaro is busy in the studio producing his full-length album, for which these singles became a prologue.


Ivy League Music Releases Mondo Gascaro’s Debut Album RAJAKELANA (2016)

After a long wait and a creative process that took more than a year, the full-length debut album of composer, singer-songwriter and producer Mondo Gascaro was finally released last November, 2016. The album title Rajakelana, an old Indonesia idiom for “the wind” was inspired by the lyrics of an Indonesian classic “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” by the composer Ismail Marzuki. The title was chosen because he felt it was able to represent the spirit of the album as a whole.

When it was first released in digital format on the 25th of November 2016, Rajakelana was voted the “Best Album of 2016″ by Tempo Magazine, it ranked #2 in Rolling Stone Indonesia’s “20 Best Albums of 2016″, and made it as as the “Best Indonesian Album of 2016″ by Metrotvnews.com editorial picks.

Following its digital release the Album was finally made available in physical CD format on the 21st January this year. The release party was held at the Auditorium of Institute Francaise Indonesie, Jakarta where Mondo performed with a 12-piece ensemble.

In addition, Rajakelana is also scheduled for release in Japan on the 22nd of February 2017 by the Japanese label Production Designee with a courtesy of Ivy League Music (Mondo’s own record label)

The album features 10 tracks of 4 songs written in Indonesian, 4 in English, and 2 instrumental pieces. All the recordings and production process were done in more tha 10 different studios, involving many musicians, making this a very special process for Mondo.

Listening to the album Rajakelana is like traveling into the musical world of Mondo Gascaro. His leaning on the erotic and sensuality can be heard on the Track “Naked”. While “A Deacon’s Summer” is a soft-rock in the vein of California sound, “Lamun Ombak” takes you way back to the strait of Malacca of olden time with the haunting yet soothing voice of Nona Sari from White Shoes & The Couples Company. “Sturm und Drang (fur Ludwig Van)”, a German-titled instrumental dedicated to the composer Beethoven whose music and struggle symbolizes breakthrough, hope and enlightenment.

Rajakelana with its wide-ranging styles and expression (tropical rhythm of Brazil; Indonesiana; Brian Wilsonesque harmony; cinematic music) is Mondo Gascaro’s personal celebration of life in all its various vortex. It’s a story of exploration and freedom, a musical pilgrimage carrying the message of life afar.



Mondo Gascaro – RAJAKELANA

Ivy League Music, 2016



VA (Danilla, music director; co-producer) – “Bimbang Tanpa Pegangan”; (Mondo Gascaro) – “Senandung Lagu Lama” Tiga Dara (Aransmen Ulang Lagu Orisinil Dari Film Tiga Dara)

Demajors, SA Films, 2016



Mondo Gascaro – “Saturday Light” // “Komorebi” (7” Singles)Ivy League Music, 2014

Mondo Gascaro – “Saturday Light” // “Komorebi” (7” Singles)Ivy League Music, 2014


Fariz RM & Dian PP in Collaboration With

Nurani” Fariz RM & Dian PP in Collaboration With Seno M Hardjo, 2014

VA (Isyana Sarasvati, music director; producer) – “Paseban Café”; (Sore) – “Jawab    Nurani” Fariz RM & Dian PP in Collaboration With

Seno M Hardjo, 2014


Noh Salleh - Angin Kencang

Noh Salleh – Angin Kencang (co-producer, music director) Sony Music, 2014

Noh Salleh – Angin Kencang (co-producer, music director) Sony Music, 2014

Krisna Mega - Krisna

Krisna Mega –  Seven Music, 2014

Krisna Mega – Krisna (music director) Seven Music, 2014


Ayushita - Morning Sugar

Ayushita – Morning Sugar

Ayushita – Morning Sugar (co-producer; co-music director)  Ivy League Music, 2013


Payung Teduh – Dunia Batas (producer) Ivy League Music, 2012

Payung Teduh – Dunia Batas (producer) Ivy League Music, 2012


Arisan 2 OST

Arisan 2 OST

VA – Arisan 2, OST (co-music director) Demajors, 2012

Halo ACI

Halo Aci (compilation album)

VA (Ramondo Gascaro, Mian Tiara & Mian Meutia) – “Kucinta Indonesia” Halo Aci (compilation album) 7 Notes, 2011

Onrop Musikal

VA – Onrop! Musikal (co-music director) Demajors, 2011

VA – Onrop! Musikal (co-music director) Demajors, 2011

Pintu Terlarang OST

Pintu Terlarang, OST (co-music director) Life Like Records, 2008

VA – Pintu Terlarang, OST (co-music director) Life Like Records, 2008

Sore - Ports of Lima

Sore – Ports of Lima Aksara Records, 2008

Sore – Ports of Lima Aksara Records, 2008

Mesin Waktu (Kompilasi)

Mesin Waktu, Teman-teman Menyanyikan Lagu Naif (compilation album) Aksara Records, 2007

VA (Sore) – “Hidup Itu Indah” Mesin Waktu, Teman-teman Menyanyikan Lagu Naif (compilation album) Aksara Records, 2007

Quickie Express OST

Quickie Express, OST (co-music director) Aksara Records, 2007

VA – Quickie Express, OST (co-music director) Aksara Records, 2007

Berbagi Suami OST

Berbagi Suami OST

VA – Berbagi Suami OST (co-music director) Aksara Records, 2006

Sore - Centralismo

Sore – Centralismo Aksara Records, 2005

Sore – Centralismo Aksara Records, 2005

Janji Joni OST

Janji Joni OST Aksara Records, 2005

VA (Sore) – “Funk the Hole” Janji Joni OST Aksara Records, 2005


JKT:SKRG Aksara Records, 2004

VA (Sore) – “Cermin” JKT:SKRG Aksara Records, 2004



Spy In Love

Spy In Love (dir: DanialRifki – Capitol, 2016)

Message Man

Message Man / Kill Vengeance , 2015

Message Man / Kill Vengeance (dir: Corey Pearson – HJ Production, 2015)


La Tahzan

La Tahzan , 2013

La Tahzan (dir: Danial Rifki – Falcon Pictures, 2013)

Coboy Junior the Movie

Coboy Junior , 2013

Coboy Junior (Anggi Umbara – Falcon Pictures, 2013)

Potong Bebek Angsa

Potong Bebek Angsa , 2012

Potong Bebek Angsa (Falcon Pictures, 2012)

Hello Goodbye

Hello Goodbye, 2012

Hello Goodbye (dir: Titien Watimena – Falcon Pictures, 2012)


Modus Anomali

Modus Anomali / Ritual , 2012

Modus Anomali / Ritual (dir: Joko Anwar – Lifelike, 2012)


Negeri 5 Menara

Negeri 5 Menara, 2012

Negeri 5 Menara (dir: Affandi Abdul Rachman, 2012)


Cherrybelle - Love Is U

Cherry Belle, Love is U, 2012

Cherry Belle, Love is U (dir: Hanny Saputra, 2012)

Garuda Di Dadaku 2

Garuda Di Dadaku 2 , 2011

Garuda Di Dadaku 2 (dir: Rudy Soedjarwo, 2011)


Lima Elang

Lima Elang (dir: Rudy Soedjarwo, 2011)


Arisan! 2

Arisan! 2 (dir: NiaDinata – KalyanaShira, 2011)


Milli & Nathan

Milli & Nathan , 2011

Milli & Nathan (dir: Hanny Saputra – Falcon Pictures, 2011)


Roman Picisan

Roman Picisan, 2010

Roman Picisan (dir: Rako Prijanto, 2010)

Madame X

Madame X , 2010

Madame X (dir: Luky Kuswandi – Kalyana Shira, 2010)


Preman In Love

Preman In Love, 2009

Preman In Love (dir: Rako Prijanto – MD, 2009)


Takut: Faces of Fear – segment “Dara/Darah” , 2008

Takut: Faces of Fear – segment “Dara/Darah” (dir: the Mo Brothers – Komodo Films, 2008)

Meraih Mimpi

Meraih Mimpi,  2008

Meraih Mimpi (Kalyana Shira, 2008)

Perempuan Punya Cerita / Chants of Lotus (Omnibus – Kalyana Shira, 2007)

Pintu Terlarang

Pintu Terlarang , 2008

Pintu Terlarang (dir: Joko Anwar – Lifelike Pictures, 2008)


Perempuan Punya Cerita

Perempuan Punya Cerita / Chants of Lotus , 2007

(Omnibus – KalyanaShira, 2007)



Quickie Express

Quickie Express , 2007

Quickie Express (dir: Dimas Djayadiningrat – Kalyana Shira, 2007)


Death in Jakarta

Death in Jakarta (dir: Ucu Agustin, 2006)



BerbagiSuami (dir: NiaDinata – KalyanaShira, 2006)


Cerita Kita 

A Musical – 85th Year Anniversary of PT Multibintang (music director, 2016)


Dji Sam Soe

Urban Crossover 2014 (co-music director, 2014)

Slank – Journey of the Blue island Concert (co-music director, 2012)

Halo ACI 

PPKI  (co-music director, 2012)

Slank - The Journey of the Blue Island (2012)

Slank – Journey of the Blue island Concert 2012


Halo ACI

Halo Asean (music director, 2011)


Onrop! Musikal

Onrop! Musikal by Joko Anwar (co-music director, 2010)


Jl Bangka VIII no 3
Jakarta Selatan